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Your safety is our number one priority

With industry-leading safety protocols, pilot certification programs, and stringent health measures, your safety and well-being are our top priority.

Sentient Certified

Sentient Certified®

Sentient Certified is our groundbreaking certification process. Every operator who flies for our programs—along with every pilot, aircraft, and flight—is individually certified by Sentient to ensure your safety.

We’re safety experts

Sentient’s Safety Advisory Board, composed of former officials from the FAA and NTSB, is the first of its kind and serves to guide and inform safety initiatives alongside Sentient’s Chief Safety Officer.

Data drives safety

With over 20 years of proprietary data, including over 100 million unique pieces of data on Sentient Certified® aircraft, pilots, airports, and other daily-use operational information, our safety program is one of the most stringent in the private aviation industry, maintaining standards that often exceed the FAA’s regulations.

Real-time access to our safety checks

The Sentient Jet app shows you when your aircraft has passed all its safety checks, and gives real-time access to the pre-takeoff Sentient Jet Certified Safety Report.

We ensure your safety

We’ve implemented Sentient Certified safety protocols, a safety operations task force, real-time notification of our safety pre-flight check, and certified ground transportation.

Read our safety brochure

Learn more about the stringent certification and technology standards that make Sentient Jet the industry leader in aviation.