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Sentient Certifications lead the aviation industry

Safety is not just our promise; it’s at the core of everything we do. We’ve invested millions of dollars in our service and safety infrastructure, and from our industry first Independent Safety Advisory Board to our exclusive safety and flight certification technology, we are fully committed to the highest level of safety.

Sentient Certified®

A crucial element of our safety program is a rigorous, proprietary certification process called Sentient Certified. Led by our dedicated in-house Chief Safety Officer, each operator, aircraft, and pilot that flies for our program, as well as each flight, is individually certified by Sentient, ensuring that all components of our stringent safety standards are met on each and every trip.

Operator certification

Sentient arranges more flights than any other charter procurement business in the country, which enables us to develop and maintain preferred relationships with premier operators. Of note, fewer than 35% of the more than 550 charter jet operators in the United States have passed the certification process to fly for Sentient clients.

Aircraft certification

To become Sentient Certified, aircraft are individually reviewed based on their history–including maintenance reliability–and also must pass a physical inspection that covers key safety elements in addition to the comfort and condition of the aircraft.

Pilot certification

All of our operators’ crew members are individually certified by Sentient. Pilots must uphold a high level of safety standard, exceeding FAR Part 135 regulations in a host of categories.

Flight certification

Once a trip is booked, the flight is also Sentient Certified, with up-to-date information on the assigned operator, aircraft and crew verified against our database to ensure all safety standards are met.

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