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Offering the most thoughtful choice in private aviation, Sentient Jet Cards offer all the convenience, practicality, and ease that comes standard with private air travel, without the hassle, maintenance and high costs of owning a jet.

With a base price starting around $174,375 and two options to choose from, a Sentient Jet Card gives you the flexibility of choosing the aircraft size that best fits your private jet travel needs. Both Jet Card options provide you access to fixed rates, seamless booking, flight hours that never expire, and more.

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Flexibility takes flight


Flexible access to light aircraft
Sentient Jet’s 25-Hour Jet Card (SJ25) combines flexibility with outstanding quality and value for Light Jet flyers.

Fuel Surcharge and Federal Excise Tax will apply.

Base 25-Hour Price
Base Hourly Rate


For unmatched convenience
The SJ25+ Card offers dedicated access to Sentient Certified Mid, Super-Mid, and Large Cabin Jet travel.

Fuel Surcharge and Federal Excise Tax will apply.

Base 25-Hour Price starting at
Base Hourly Rate starting at

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