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Inventor of the Private Jet Card, Sentient Jet, Sets New Standards in Sustainability

Industry pioneer offsets highest amount of emissions of any private aviation company, globally, at over half a million metric tons

BOSTON, MA – February 17, 2022 – Sentient Jet, a Directional Aviation company, has prioritized its commitment to the environment and impact by instituting sustainability initiatives that have resulted in record breaking emission reductions within the industry. The progressive industry leader and category innovator, which has emerged to become a travel utility for their card owners, has had a transformative year having achieved the largest emissions offset by any private aviation company in 2021. Through its partnership with 4AIR, the first and only rating system focused on comprehensive sustainability in private aviation, Sentient Jet will continue to set new industry standards and offer its card owners a more thoughtful way to fly.

“We’ve made strides on the sustainability front in terms of how we are thinking and handling it differently,” said Andrew Collins, President and CEO of Sentient Jet. “Guided by our partnership with 4AIR, the past 12 months were truly transformative, and we’re looking forward to continuing our commitment and thoughtful approach to sustainability to meet both market and customer needs.”

Sentient Jet has teamed with environmental leader 4AIR to review its flight volumes, shared impact in the skies, and various options to drive its commitment forward. Just 12 months after launching its sustainability initiative, which ensures every flight flown by Jet Card Owners is offset to be carbon neutral and emissions neutral, Sentient Jet has achieved a 300% offset across 30,000 legs flown, equivalent to 541,089 metric tons. Driven by 4AIR, this carbon offset program goes beyond traditional aviation sustainability programs by offsetting all aviation emissions, including water vapor, aerosols, and nitrous oxide, which together account for two thirds of emissions an aircraft produces when flying. Made possible through its initiative with 4AIR, Sentient Jet’s offsets helped support renewable energy worldwide, and forest conservation both locally and globally that not only sequesters carbon, but also supports local communities.

“In light of the continued growth in private aviation, sustainability efforts are essential to achieve industry and climate goals, “says Kennedy Ricci, President, 4AIR. “Sentient Jet’s commitment to the climate goes above and beyond, as they well surpassed emission offset targets, and have emerged as a leader in sustainability offsetting within the private aviation category.”

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About Sentient Jet

Founded in 1999 and now an integral part of Directional Aviation, Sentient Jet is one of the leading private aviation companies in the country. The Sentient Jet Card Program offers clients the flexibility and convenience of flying private for their personal and business air travel needs with industry-leading value. Sentient Jet is known for outstanding service and a commitment to safety programs, including the industry’s first and only Independent Safety Advisory Board. Sentient Jet’s extensive network of certified operators ensures that clients will always have access to executive aircraft that meet their rigorous standards for safety and quality. Visit for more information. You can also follow Sentient Jet on social media platforms, including TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Download the Sentient Jet Mobile AppiOS | Android.

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