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PJCC: Sentient Jet has offset over 1.3 million metric tons of CO2

Jet card inventor Sentient Jet updated its emissions-neutral sustainability efforts which offset 300% of carbon emissions.

Sentient Jet has offset over 1,339,235 metric tons of CO2 since it launched its emissions-neutral sustainability program in 2021.

The company offsets 300% of each flight’s CO2 emissions to cover non-carbon emissions contributing to warming. That includes water vapor, aerosols, and nitrous oxide.

The offsets are part of its pricing.

Nearly one-third (30.9%) of Private Jet Card Comparisons subscribers say sustainability programs will be important the next time they select a flight provider. However, over 75% want the cost included in its base price.

“For 25 years, Sentient Jet has led innovation in the private aviation industry, looking for new ways to provide a frictionless experience for its card owners from pre-booking to post-flight,” said Andrew Collins, Co-CEO of Flexjet, Inc., Sentient Jet’s parent company.” Collins added, “Sustainability is a priority across all industries, and the private aviation industry has a clear role to play in the conversation. Consistent with our history as industry innovators, we saw an opportunity to lead growth in this category and continue to be the most thoughtful way to fly.”

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