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Sentient Certified: Touchless Travel

Now more than ever, travelers are utilizing private jets to safely journey from point A to B while avoiding the multitude of touchpoints associated with commercial travel. When flying commercially, travelers encounter an estimated 700+ touchpoints; whereas, when flying privately they encounter about 20. Safety and privacy have always been Sentient Jet’s priority, and the new challenges presented by COVID-19 have only reinforced the company’s dedication to both.

We have meticulously researched and implemented various programs and procedures–including the Sentient Certified Health and Safety Protocols, a Safety Operations Task Force, the real-time notification of our Health and Safety Pre-Flight Check, and Certified Ground Transportation–in addition to enhanced safety requirements for crewmembers and passengers.

Ultimately, we have worked hard to implement proven health and safety protocols that prove we care.  Get in touch to learn more about Sentient Jet’s Certified Health & Safety protocols.

Sentient Jet is committed to the safety of our cardholders, passengers, and employees. Learn more about our touchless travel protocols.