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Connoisseur’s Insider Access: Porthos

As the only rare wine purveyor offering a full spectrum of “Elite Concierge” services—akin to a private shopper—for avid collectors, Porthos benefits ensure access to the globe’s highest-rated wines. As such, Porthos Co-Founder and President Hal Oates reveals what’s tried and trending in Napa and Burgundy.
What’s new in Napa?
The most exciting news is the superb quality of the new 2016 Napa Cabernets. After sampling more than 100 collector-level releases, I predict this will be the most acclaimed vintage since 2013 and, perhaps, this century. A few of our boutique production (not normally available outside Napa) Cabernet recommendations include:

  • Rewa Cabernet 2016 – 99 points
  • Continuum Cabernet 2016 – 99 points
  • Chateau Boswell – 99 points
  • Eisele Altagracia 2016 – 97+ points
  • Barbour 2016 – 97 points

What is your take on the new Burgundy vintages? 
This is a tremendously exciting time to collect Burgundy, as we are in the midst of three of the most consistently high quality vintages in history. The 2015 whites and reds are both spectacularly approachable and delicious (note: most of the Grand Cru are sold out). The 2016 vintage is impressive and age-worthy, albeit in short supply due to frost that Spring. Top-tier 2017 vintage whites and reds are also looking strong. The reds are remarkably sumptuous and on par with top vintages such as 2009 or 2005.
What is your advice for collectors building a new cellar? 
First, put together a thoughtful plan based on personal tastes, food preferences, and entertaining priorities. I’ve developed a Top 10 Cellar Starter Questions, which helps collectors in this position (Please enquire for assistance from a Sommelier).
If members want to order rare wine to be delivered to their aircraft or vacation homes upon arrival, can you coordinate this type of service? 
Yes. This is a good example of a Porthos Elite Concierge benefit. Our Sommelier team can help curate a special selection of wines and then our customer service team will handle all the logistics. These are services we provide our VIP clients daily.

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